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Alluring Sora

I first want to thank all those who participated in the DD clothes sale in the last post. Although Sora and Aura didn’t need them anymore, it feels good to know that they were passed on to good DD parents I know online as the clothes themselves were somewhat full of memories. Most are sold out now but I might have more to sell in the future so do please keep checking~(-ω-)

Back to the subject, couple of days ago my flickr account was tagged by other users in one of their photos and on them were instructions telling me to upload a picture of my nominated doll, introduce why they were special and tag other DD owners I knew on the site. From the comments, it’d sounded like this was some kind of a customary in the flickr DD group so I went along and posted mine here.  The reason why I felt Mio was special was because unlike many DDs out there with a smile on their faces, she had a rather passive or refrained expression which is quite versatile and gives the picture a unique atmosphere. For an example,  taking the photo from a high angle while hiding the eyebrow gives her the determined cool look and on the other hand, taking a shot from an low angle revealing them gives her the confused or worried look.  (I think this is why she went well with the Homura cosplay). She does well with your normal everyday poses, fighting poses with weapons, cosplays and you’ll find out later in this post that she also does good in the ecchi pics as well😄. Of course, she has her faults like the lack of good photo angle but what fun would DD photography be if you took picture of dolls that looked good in anything anywhere?

Anyways, here is Sora’s turn in the “Alluring Series” post. Please note that some pics may be NSFW^^;

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Sora’s Custom Clothing

Half a year ago, Sora came to me as a plain DD Akiyama Mio with nothing but her default clothing and one of my goal, ever since her arrival, has been to replicate Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora. I started of with buying her a white wig which was one of K. Sora’s major characteristics and was quite satisfied with the result until others decided to make their own Sora doll and left me in deep envy X3 While some did poorly at this there were others who did a fantastic job at it and right then and there, I knew I had to somehow get one of Sora’s default clothing made whatever the cost.

Wouldn’t make much sense calling Sora Sora if she didn’t look like one either^^;

I initially thought his would be challenging with my lack of resources but thanks to google-sensei, a few minutes search brought me to a reputable DD dealer’s site who makes just about anything and there I placed my order for a Kasugano Sora’s gothic-lolita clothing. Although it was a hefty price to pay and a long long wait, I think it came out all right.

……actually, I think this is the best clothing Sora have ever worn (`・ω・´)

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Happy Birthday Sora!!!

Before we begin I’d like to point out that the Sora I’ll be referring to will be the original Sora from the visual novel by Sphere. Not my DD Sora. Additionally, the date on this article will say it’s the 4th of February, but it’s actually now the 5th in JST so I decided to put it up here. ……and no, the author is not high on drugs^^;

Anyways, without further ado, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORA!!!!! ヽ(・ω・〃)。・:*:・゚

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mofu mofu Sora

I thought of buying and didn’t but now did^^;

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