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Belated Happy New Years

This post is kinda random and will hardly be as seasonal as some others out there but might as well make one while it still lasts – not sure when a Shogatsu/New Years Holiday ends for most people but mine ended last Wednesday (‘ω`;) Looking back, a lot has happened in the past year with me graduating from college, becoming a 社会人 [Shakaijin=member of the society] and switching jobs. Not everything went as planned due to the external forces, but all things considered I guess I should be grateful that I’m still able to continue this hobby as I’ve been for the past 2 years. Dollfie Dream is an expensive hobby as its body parts, clothing, accessories and related events can cost a bundle and even lead to other addicting hobbies like camera or traveling – both which thankfully I’m not much into…yet. The comments, favorites, retweets and reblogs were also what helped me continue this hobby so many thanks to everyone for their support. Just realized that the stats hit 100,000 (views/visitors?) over the weekend. And of course, my girls were also equally important and have to thank them for posing/being stuffed in a carriage bag hours on end. IMO, Sora was the MVP last year so I’ll be posting several pics of her in the military uniform and a few in the black & white miko outfit just for the occasion. There’s also a few photos taken at Volk’s new photobooth with comrade Jeremy at the end of the post along with other random pics.



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Group Doll Photoshoot @ Kingyo Studio

Situated in the quiet alley of Ikebukuro Tokyo is a small photostudio called Kingyo Studio where me and 12 other doll owners got together to do some group photoshoot. Participants were Baradanji-san, Monokok-san, yumemi-san, ento-san, arab-san, fino-san, ken-san, pandadamepo-san, Ruise-san, mat-san, yukkco-san and mujip-san. I went with the same’ol Sora but others came with their new daughters some DD and even SD/cast-dolls which we seldom see in our little group. The studio consisted of 2 floors – one with a bar-like atmosphere and the other a mix-n-match of all kinds of theme. As with most studios, it was cheaper if we rented the place during the night so like the one back in July, we took photos throughout the night from 11pm~7am. Besides the cheap price, costing to 2,300 yen per person (30,000 yen total), the place was also pretty resourceful with plethora of props, a convenience store nearby to get some nourishments, lighting equipments and even doll-sized beds and sofas in courtesy of the studio owner. The only setback was the dim lighting on both floors and the rather small room space. I myself did okay I guess and got the most out of the time by remembering to bring my own reflector and not falling dead asleep on the bed like last time^^;


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Doll Show 34 – 有料卓

Although Doll Show came right after Chokaigi, I heard a couple of comrades saying they were going to reserve a display table for us so figured I bring my daughters along. Not the usual members you frequently see in this blog nor did I have much to buy in this event but had an excellent time nonetheless ;3 It’s the meeting part that makes these event worthwhile. Below are a just a “couple” of pictures I took at the display table room in the second floor…(‘ω`)


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眼帯少女 Eyepatch Girls

Apologies for the lack of updates lately (AGAIN). As mentioned in the last post, over the past 2 weeks I’ve been kept pretty busy with “Nagisa-Sora” and also the new “Yagyu-Xera” project. The materials around the house weren’t as abundant as I hoped it would so I also had to make occasional trips to Yuzawaya (hobby/material store) and doll shops like Azone. Most of all however, it was the increased obligations that slowed me down =P Now that I’ve graduated from college, I have to work 5 days a week in the office with very little time at home and also possibly during the weekends as well depending on how many staffs they need to get the broadcast/site going. Am also going to start working on something else on the side to broaden my career, but for now I’ll just leave it at that….

Well, now that I’m done making excuses I’ll just briefly go over the changes Sora and Xera went through. First up is Nagisa-Sora Second Edition Version 1.923. There wasn’t much I could do about the clothing itself since the original white Japanese military uniform was slightly different from Nagisa’s but I think I’ve got enough of her trait on. It was pretty cool to have someone asking me if this was a Nagisa doll on a couple of forums. Oh and btw, I want to thank everyone for participating in the vote and giving me positive feed backs about the mods so far. They really do help keep me motivated :3

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Nagisa-Sora (2nd Edition Version 1.01…) ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

While looking through the comments from the last post, I’ve noticed a fellow comrade pointing out that the white military uniform was in someways plain or over-simplified and you know…I couldn’t agree more:/ Japanese marine uniforms are supposed to look like so, however since it’s customary to add a little touch of fantasy to my girl’s costumes, I thought why not and decided to do a few touch-ups on it. Spent hours collecting illustrations of Nagisa and also this girl called Ikaruga to get a gist of their uniform then wrote a simple schematic for Sora’s new optional decorations. Although I might not know anything about sewing, having a mother who used to work as stained glass teacher at a this huge material store called Yuzawaya has helped me on a number of occasions when I sporadically wanted to make something ;3 I had just about all the materials I needed in the house save for a few ribbons.

Do apologize for the crudity of some of the modifications and also the fact that this looks nothing like Nagisa or Ikaruga. As much as I loved doing these mods, the only thing I was able to do was to create/add weird looking ornaments with a pin rather than sewing it or making additional clothes pieces. I remember spotting a knitting machine somewhere in the house so those might come later. This is a big “might” tho…;3

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