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So I recently found this shop in Akihabara called “Bukiya” that sells 1/3 sized swords and decided to let Sora play around with them a little. It’s only 1500 yen each and is considerately cheaper than the ones sold at doll events which, despite being almost identical, fetch up to 5000-7000 yen. Quality is pretty nice too since it has detailed engravings, doesn’t have that cheap plasticky look most has, comes with a sheath and fits DD hands perfectly. Well, maybe not too practical though because of its weight but nothing too major to keep me from buying 5 of them😄 Was planning on buying more of them to replicate the situation I had in mind if only the store had more than 4 types in stock. These “Denix” sword series had lots of other variations like Excalibur so might look for them someplace else later on when I have more money. Btw, this “Bukiya” store itself is a quite an interesting place to visit if you’re a fan of 1/1 scale imitation sword (like me) and happen to be around Akihabara. Would love to start collecting them again and swing them like crazy in the backyard like I did back in the states when I was a wee lad. Good times…:3


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Keyblade Master Sora Ver.2

I have to admit, the “Keyblade Master Sora” post I wrote over a year ago was a fail with a capital F. I knew something wasn’t right and couldn’t help but feel the awkwardness of the mix between the Kingdom Chain keyblade and a miko outfit as well as all the other clothes Sora has worn last year. I did best with what I had lying around the house but being an avid Kingdom Hearts fan, I didn’t want it to end it like that^^; There was this seamstress who made an authentic Sora outfit but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…what I wanted was to create my own original KH character that could or might’ve been in the game. So I lurked and lurked and lurked around YJA until I came upon this interesting looking piece.

The outfit I’ll be reviewing for this post was created by a Korean maker called DOD (Dream of Dolls) and was originally meant for DOT 64 cm boys. The price was around 10000 yen when I purchased it about half a year ago (should be cheaper now). It comes with an inner black jacket, outer gray jacket  gray pants, belt, handgloves and this arm-clinging pocket thingy that quite didn’t make its way into today’s photo session. The gray jacket, although exceptional in size,  didn’t make its way either because it kinda made her look fat:/ Took me a while to take care of the issues concerning the difference in proportion between DD and DOT (changing bust and whatnot). These adjustment I had to do was what partly caused the delay in this project. Additionally, Sora’s wig and eyes has also been changed from black eye/white wig to golden eye/silver wig for this occasion. Almost makes her look like a kin to Xehanort kinda…?

Anyhow…here’s the update on Sora’s keyblade cosplay~

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Station of Awakening

It has been too long since my last update which was over 3 weeks ago and I’m sure those who follow me on Twitter  knows what I’ve been through. Attending Dollpa 24,  taking care of crap at University, moving back to Yokohama, doing some translation as a short part time job, selling figures and the list goes on^^; Some were fun but others were just meh….

It would be a lie to say that I didn’t have time to do anything but blogging takes time. Lots this time around especially because my second daughter wasn’t quite ready for the public eyes to see. To tell you the truth, the body that appeared in “mysterious figure” didn’t have a head mounted at that time^^; Well anyways, here is the rest of the story from last chapter.

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Mysterious Figure

Lots of Kingdom Hearts reference this time. If you’ve played the game I think you’ll know what this all means. If you haven’t you should. One of the greatest games out there (o・ω・))-ω-)) *nods*

As to why the pink window screen isn’t there, you can blame that on my old PC for breaking down on me:/

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Keyblade Master Sora

A new keyblade master has been born. Alternate sequel to the last chapter.

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