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Sora’s Kimono Arrangement and Doll Meets

After “another” month of blog hiatus, we continue with the kimono theme and this time I’ll go over the several modification I’ve added to Sora’s clothing over the last few weeks. Like with the military clothing, kimonos are quite augmentable and leave you with lots of space to customize and make-do. In my case I’ve folded the suso inwards to enable more mobility, modified how the obiage was tied around her waist, made a obikazari out of spare parts and bought a flower decoration/sensu/2 additional obi strands/miniature hanya mask/Geta. I’ve also fiddled with the kitsune mask so that she can keep it on her head without having to use the white rubber band – the band though smooth makes a mess when I try to put it on her long black hair. Kinda hard to notice but I’ve also renewed her black wig and modded her bangs in the usual style as well. There’s just so much to work and plethora of arrangement examples to get inspiration from too. The only difficulty with kimonos are the limited poseability. I had to adjust the same pose dozen of times and retake that shot in many different angles to get some interesting shots which is partly the reason why it took so long for this post to come up. I was also occupied with the things that came up in my personal life as well. Family stuff, job stuff and etc. I suppose they’re heading in a good direction but with new privilege comes new responsibility which could mean even less time to update this blog ;P


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Idoll 35 有料卓

Apologies for the lateness but here are a couple of pictures taken at Idoll 35 last Sunday. Lot of things came by and went last week like for example the new job that started on Monday which made updating a bit difficult. Work is very interesting, has good work-life balance and involves things I’m passionate about but since waking up as early as 6am has never my bright side, I just drop dead upon arrival at home ;3 The pics taken on this day didn’t come out as exactly as I had hoped for so that also took a while to fix-up. F*cking computer decided to crashed on me a couple of times so yeah:/ Should be able to get back to updating at least once a week once I’ve gotten used to the new working environment and receive my personal Macbook Pro from the boss. Heard it comes with a Lightroom 3 or 4 that I’ve been using on the other machine at work so editing will be super easy and fast compared to Picasa :3 Good practice to experiment with too maybe.

As I was saying, me and the usual doll group gathered at Hamamatsucho to shop and went down to the second floor to rent a display table. The doll you see on the first picture below belongs to Lastnostalgic-san (Saber Alter), Ento-san (Marisa), Baradanji-san (Saber Extra), Torte-san (Custom DDH06), Panda-san (Custom DDH01 with katana), Me (Sora, Aura and Xera), Yumemi-san (Custom DDH01 with pink dress, Custom Latooni with sword, Etheldreda), Arab-san (Sakuya) and Tehuo-san (Niimi Haruka). Couple other guys came in to our table with their daughters and turned out to be quite lively near the end^^; Anybody is welcome to join our table tho so if any of you happen to be attending these events, please feel free to drop by and give us a word :3

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Idoll 34 and Shogun Sora

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from Idoll since Home Town Dollpa was taking place on the same date and also because the location was in a much smaller building than usual. However, to our luck this event turned out to be more productive than all the Idoll we’ve attended so far. Unlike in the past, the visitors in line were directed to this warm spacious room and were handed Red Bull beverages for free which caught me and the other visitors off guard making this face ( ゚д゚ ). Must’ve been some kind of a promotion, but the administrators of Idoll should consider bringing those Red Bull people everytime from now on imo😄 After all, doll events mean serious business…yeah ;3

The acquired loot was this white military uniform which according to other war-mania bloggist was once worn by captains of Japanese naval army during its empirical period. I just wrote Shogun here because it makes a better title😄 A bit expensive but since Aura, her dark half, was fully equipped with her black German-ish uniform this just had to happen^^; Other loots included  ridiculously long 1/3 sized Japanese sword, 1/3 sized golden retro-binocluar, a red necktie, Azure-san’s DD photo calender and a background wallpaper for DD photography. While I did not have the chance to review all of the items I’ve listed here, I did take more detailed photos of Sora in her Japanese military uniform so do expect some of those near the latter half of this post.

The first half will be pics of dolls I took at the collection booth during my time there. Not a whole lot this time because I was either too busy chatting with other DD owners or running back and forth in the dealer’s booths ;3

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I・doll and a few other things…

I・doll, compared to other organized doll events like Dollpa and Doll Show, was much smaller in scale and appears to have gained less publicity. It could be because the stage was shoddy and that many dealers out there had their mind on bigger things like the upcoming Kyoto Dollpa and decided not to participate. Not to mention the lack of free space where you could lay out your dollfies.

Despite those few setbacks, this doll event was unlike any other I’ve attended because this time around I was able to meet up with other Japanese dollfie dreamers on twitter^^

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