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Another Side : Homura Magica

Well, it’s been 3 good months since I last a bought clothing for my daughters and was about to run out of ideas for these posts but just last week I was fortunate enough to come by one that suited my daughters taste in fashion ; fashion which isn’t all that casual and has a mixture of fantasy-like (?) atmosphere to it. The moment I saw it on YJA, intuition told me that it would be a perfect alternative dress for Sorahomu (Sora cosplaying as Homura) and a perfect matching dress for Aura’s puella magi-ish dress. The bid war ended earlier than I expected pricing around 17000 yen and the sending country was Shanghai which meant that it’d only take 2 days for it to arrive. Sadly the proxy guy who was in charge of taking contact turned out to be a lazy bum who neglected to respond to my mail for 4 days delaying the arrival of the clothes by nearly a week:/

I’ve had worse though. The guy who sold me Aura’s head (DD Mio head) didn’t respond to my mail for a week and when the package arrived, I was aghast by the sight of Aura’s bare head covered in newspaper. The head was miraculously not stained but any doll owner with a common sense should know better than to wrap the head in such a thing. The wig that came with the head was crumpled in the bottom of the box rendering it useless leaving me no choice but to throw it away. What’s more is that when I gave this seller the evaluation he deserves, he went berserk calling me all kind of names and giving me the worst grade as a bidder. (This is where Aura’s twisted personality came from sorta XD) Did you ever encounter troubles in YJA?

Nowadays, I try to be more careful by checking the seller’s evaluation but there’s no can do if the seamstress picks proxy guy with poor service like this time. Thank god the dress was well worth the wait (‘A`;)

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Puella Magi☆Homura Magica

Well, this post has been way overdue since I announced that I will be done writing by the end of last week. For the constant readers out there I apologize for the delay. Just wanted to make sure I had everything in place for the photoshoot since as some may know, I am a huge fan of Madoka Magica, especially Homura. Love her character design, personality, voice actress and her battle scenes (`・ω・´). Hommando!!!😄

The Akemi Homura cosplay clothing you’ll see in the following pictures was bought from one of the dealers in the Wonder Festival Summer 2011 that took place two Sundays ago. There were 2 dealers selling Puella Magi (Madoka, Homura, Mami…etc) cosplay clothing for DDs, one them was around 15000 yen and the other 25000 yen. At first glance the first dealer’s price was attractive and the clothing they sold seemed better in terms of color replication but after some consideration, I went with the second dealer’s expensive one. Experience in shopping for doll clothing at YJA and elsewhere has taught me that in most cases, the more you pay the better you get^^;

Anyways, without further ado, I give you Puella Magi☆Homura Magica~

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