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Microkini Aura and Desk Update

With the summer heat kicking in and room temperature climbing up to 30-35°C day and night, daughters were in need of an even more revealing outfit and during my occasional visit to Akihabara, I came across this black microkini outfit at Volks. Much smaller than the white microkini outfit Aura had on last year and it just barely cover her important parts – which is splendid :3 While I didn’t have a whole variety of silver/black/red beads and accessories, I gathered bits and pieces I had lying around the house (volks black headphone, 3 bracelets, thigh bands, a ring (many many thanks to Otakusan), rapier belt and etc) to give her a summer look. No stains so far but probably best to remove them whenever I can as the summer heat softens the vinyl and makes it more prone to stains. My workspace also had a few minor upgrades (display cases, dry boxes, figures and etc) in the past couple of months so will go over the changes in the latter half of the post.



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Wonder Festival 2012 Summer and DD Festival

As mentioned in the last post, me and a few other guys went to the Wonder Festival Summer 2012 held in Makuhari Messe yesterday. Wasn’t with my usual doll group but I did meet a few other doll owners I knew from twitter and such. Some were carrying dolls so they could attend the DD festival (Miss Contest & Group photoshoot) held in Akihabara Volks later in the day which I also dropped by near its end. Must’ve taken over 200-300 photos in all since this was a very special occasion but had to flick some away due to blurriness or restrictions. Still, there’s loads of images up ahead so I’ll keep my usual blabbering very brief (‘ω`)


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Doll Meet at Lake Suwa Hotel

As mentioned in the previous post, me and a couple of DD comrades got together to do a small doll meet at a hotel nearby Lake Suwa in Nagano last weekend. Feels like it’s been forever since I last traveled to places outside the Kanto area and of course, we had an excellent time enjoying the Onsen, eating this exquisite grand French dinner and taking photograph of our dolls in our room while drinking sake, chatting about things and whatnot. Being our first doll-vacation however, a lot of things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to, like how the schedule didn’t meet one of the participants, how the place was pouring wet when we got there and how the lake itself wasn’t much of a photo-shooting location during this season^^; So if you were expecting pictures like this, I apologize ;3 A well carried group photoshoot trip it seems is not without extensive researching and scheduling hmm.

Since it was raining/snowing outside, we basically used the room we stayed in for photoshooting, mostly on the desk and the futons. The lighting was minimal so I had to work my way around with the reflector in the other hand to get some of the shots. A reminder yet again that I need to buy one of those external flash equipment and that light bouncer-thingamajig. Kinda embarrassed by the fact that I only have GF1+ default 20mm pancake lens and haven’t studied crap about photography despite being a DD hobbyist for over a year^^; Well, on the bright side we had ample of time at our side to try out different poses, props and also exchanging clothes  unlike the short gathering at the tables of doll events :3 We were also kinda drunk at that time from the sake so some pics are NSFW (not suitable for work)😄. Anyways here are the pictures~

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New Volks Akihabara and Wonfes 2011 (Sum)

As mentioned in my last post, I went to Wonder Festival 2011 Summer last weekend with a couple of friends from my old blog community for the first time ever. We met up at New Volks Akihabara show room on Saturday to take some doll pics in the photo booth and after that we headed to a karaoke station nearby Makuhari, Chiba.  Since most of the other guys were used to going to this event (one of them was a figure modeler/dealer) I just sort of tagged along and let them lead the way. Little did I know at that time that the lines to get into the place would be so chaotic^^; We stayed in the karaoke box overnight from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM and started heading to the stadium shortly after. All were able to get a few hours sleep before heading out but as for me sleep didn’t come at all….

Didn’t have the energy to taking every single figures or dolls in the stadium so I only took ones that caught my attention. You can also head over to my friend’s review post here, here and here.

Anyways, to start off here are a couple of pics I took at the photobooth in New Volks Akihabara.

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Happy Birthday Sora!!!

Before we begin I’d like to point out that the Sora I’ll be referring to will be the original Sora from the visual novel by Sphere. Not my DD Sora. Additionally, the date on this article will say it’s the 4th of February, but it’s actually now the 5th in JST so I decided to put it up here. ……and no, the author is not high on drugs^^;

Anyways, without further ado, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORA!!!!! ヽ(・ω・〃)。・:*:・゚

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