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Workspace 机周り 2012/11/5

Some diary-ish post on my otaku room and a couple of other things – It’s been almost 2 months since I started working from home and one thing I came to notice was how quiet the house was during the day and how long or maybe short that day was – you wake up in your room, work in your room, eat in your room, sleep in your room and the cycle goes on. Being the indoor type, I never minded environments like this and rather welcomed it. No need to ride the super-congested trains in the morning too which was great. However as the days passed, it’s come to my attention that it’s not always easy keeping your concentration up and working efficiently when you’re in a room with no windows and stuck with the same scenery. It’s not much but to alleviate some of the ongoing situation, I’ve spruced up my workspace over the few weeks by adding more lively figures, plants and some gadgets. Thought I lost my passion for figures after the dolls (Sora, Aura and Xera) came but it’s still there alright :3 Continue reading ‘Workspace 机周り 2012/11/5’


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer and DD Festival

As mentioned in the last post, me and a few other guys went to the Wonder Festival Summer 2012 held in Makuhari Messe yesterday. Wasn’t with my usual doll group but I did meet a few other doll owners I knew from twitter and such. Some were carrying dolls so they could attend the DD festival (Miss Contest & Group photoshoot) held in Akihabara Volks later in the day which I also dropped by near its end. Must’ve taken over 200-300 photos in all since this was a very special occasion but had to flick some away due to blurriness or restrictions. Still, there’s loads of images up ahead so I’ll keep my usual blabbering very brief (‘ω`)


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Itasha @ Nico Nico Chokaigi

For those that are not familiar with this event, “Niconico Chokaigi” is basically a huge otaku convention held in Makuhari Messe from April 28th-29th which mainly features popular contents inside Nico Nico Douga (nico nico). Such were Vocaloids, Idol M@ster, Toho, Singers, Dancers, Illustrators, Billy Herrington (Aniki) and what have you. A lot of other companies and events like Good Smile Company, Aniplex and Itasha G Festival were also invited as an exhibitor so it was a pretty chaotic event. Not as many visitors as Comiket but there were estimated to be over 92 thousand visitors in the 2 days. Didn’t have a whole lot of chance to browse around during the event since the information booth where I was stationed at was kept pretty busy so these pics were taken during the preparation hours. Nothing interesting to see here back then except these Itashas but hope you’ll enjoy them ;3


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New Volks Akihabara and Wonfes 2011 (Sum)

As mentioned in my last post, I went to Wonder Festival 2011 Summer last weekend with a couple of friends from my old blog community for the first time ever. We met up at New Volks Akihabara show room on Saturday to take some doll pics in the photo booth and after that we headed to a karaoke station nearby Makuhari, Chiba.  Since most of the other guys were used to going to this event (one of them was a figure modeler/dealer) I just sort of tagged along and let them lead the way. Little did I know at that time that the lines to get into the place would be so chaotic^^; We stayed in the karaoke box overnight from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM and started heading to the stadium shortly after. All were able to get a few hours sleep before heading out but as for me sleep didn’t come at all….

Didn’t have the energy to taking every single figures or dolls in the stadium so I only took ones that caught my attention. You can also head over to my friend’s review post here, here and here.

Anyways, to start off here are a couple of pics I took at the photobooth in New Volks Akihabara.

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Nadesico Sora

Whenever I buy clothes for my daughters I tend to keep in mind of their personalities and settings or at least come up with a good reason/excuse to buy them. A lesson learned from buying crappy clothing aimlessly when I just started this DD hobby. The hefty expense I spent on the last dress was justified because it had Aura’s theme color, red, and had a tint of victorian magical girl look to it. The dress I got this time, well…..since Sora’s (穹) name was in Japanese I figured giving her a Japanese look for a change. A Yamato Nadesico (大和撫子) look which refers to “an ideal Japanese women”. Fellow comrade Samejima also mentioned in the previous post that Sora’s new hairstyle looked Japanese and that gave me another reason for me to go ahead and bid on this dress.

The dress was made by a seamstress called Twilight Moon that made Aura’ s red dress and Sora’s green tartan checked clothing. I only have a few of her collections but the things she/he can make sure are something else. Details, details and more details (´・ω・`)

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Happy Birthday Sora!!!

Before we begin I’d like to point out that the Sora I’ll be referring to will be the original Sora from the visual novel by Sphere. Not my DD Sora. Additionally, the date on this article will say it’s the 4th of February, but it’s actually now the 5th in JST so I decided to put it up here. ……and no, the author is not high on drugs^^;

Anyways, without further ado, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORA!!!!! ヽ(・ω・〃)。・:*:・゚

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mofu mofu Sora

I thought of buying and didn’t but now did^^;

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