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Light Saber Girls ライトセイバー系女子

Whilst lurking around the Star Wars part of Youtube at home with my daughters, I was suddenly reminded of the lightsaber chopsticks by Kotobukiya that could coincidentally (?) be held by 1/3 scale dolls. As a fan, I’ve always wanted to add them to my girl’s collection of weapons and they’re considerately cheaper (940 yen) than most doll weapons you’d find in the market. Further lurking then led me to this tutorial video that explained how you can easily photoshop boring looking lightsaber toys close to a real one. The process is quite simple and you can do this by first creating a new screen layer, select the blade part with polygonal lasso tool or linear tool, fill the selected area with white, duplicate it into 3-4 layers, add Gaussian blur with different radius to each layer, merge those layers into one,  adjust the color balance to your desired lightsaber’s color and add a few other effects. Despite not having much time for creative posts like I did before, I took the time to go to Yodobashi Camera Yokohama to retrieve the chopsticks, take photos and edited the photo anyways. It might’ve been because I was a bit stressed from life and needed a break, but I mostly blame the force for guiding me into making this post ;3 This post will be short though since the last post had 60-something pictures in total.


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DD Racing Miku 2011 – DDレーミク2011

Been a while but here’s the review photos of Sora in her new Racing Miku 2011 ver cosplay outfit I bought at Wonder Festival 2012 Summer. The outfit was made by a dealer called Cherry Milk and was sold at around 15000 yen. The set comes with a clear decorated plastic hair tie, a choker, body suit, long gloves, knee-socks and was surprised to know that it even has shoes. Would’ve been perfect if it included the head set as well but me including a few others weren’t bothered by it too much or maybe not at all. Despite there being 15 stocks in total for this event, the outfit sold out a lot quicker than expected and the one Sora is wearing now happens to be the very last one ^^; Talk about close call lol.Cherry Milk is a relatively popular circle that makes a Miku related outfit every once in a while like the Snow Miku outfit or Default Miku outfit Sora had on a year ago and I think the quality is getting better and better. If they do make one, I’ll certainly go for their Racing Miku 2012 outfit as well. Anyways, without further ado, here’s Racing Sora-Miku 2011~


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Itasha @ Nico Nico Chokaigi

For those that are not familiar with this event, “Niconico Chokaigi” is basically a huge otaku convention held in Makuhari Messe from April 28th-29th which mainly features popular contents inside Nico Nico Douga (nico nico). Such were Vocaloids, Idol M@ster, Toho, Singers, Dancers, Illustrators, Billy Herrington (Aniki) and what have you. A lot of other companies and events like Good Smile Company, Aniplex and Itasha G Festival were also invited as an exhibitor so it was a pretty chaotic event. Not as many visitors as Comiket but there were estimated to be over 92 thousand visitors in the 2 days. Didn’t have a whole lot of chance to browse around during the event since the information booth where I was stationed at was kept pretty busy so these pics were taken during the preparation hours. Nothing interesting to see here back then except these Itashas but hope you’ll enjoy them ;3


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Hey all, it’s been a while….yet again (´・ω・`) Am currently preparing to go back to uni again this coming December to finish up on my senior thesis. It’s a major pain in the ass but I should  have more time back there than I do now since I’ll be cutting back on work by a lot. Before we move on to the post, I have a question.

How does everyone store their doll clothing? Do they separate them by color and wrap’em in their packages to prevent any possible staining or put moth balls to keep the bugs away? Are the clothes taken out of storage and washed every now and then? A couple of these question came up while I was cleaning up the room  and was wondering what do people do to keep their daughter’s clothes in good condition. I don’t go as far as to do all of these but thought I should be doing more if I was going to sell them to someone someday^^; ….Actually I’m thinking of selling a few. More details at the end of the post.

Anyways, while I was cleaning up the room I came across a long forgotten doll accessory I used in my “Wings to Fly” post. Quality isn’t top notch but with a few tweaks it turned out decent enough to be used as a prop for this post. Added with a red ribbon thingy I made, Sorahomu is now in her altered universe version as seen in Madoka Magica episode 12.

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Yokohama Doll Meet and a few other things…

Met up with comrade Syaoran and Gixxer85 (Zam) from last weekend at the Yokohama Volks store. Since it’s been a good while since I last did a group photoshoot I’d planned on taking lots of photos but because the Volks store was preparing for an autumn event (can’t quite recall the name)  and that one of us came an hour late we could only use one booth for a mere 20 minutes. The outdoor photoshoot we did in Zou no hana Park shortly after was also so-so since there were people everywhere and that the the monolith illumination turned off much faster than expected. Was a great meet overall but this being the case there’s really not much photos to show. To compensate, I’ll throw in a few pics that I’ve taken in the past week^^;

A bit off topic, but I can’t believe I’ve only been able to write only 2 articles AGAIN for last month. Really do miss the days back last year when I had enough time to write 2 or 3 articles each week. These days, I simply work, eat, sleep like a machine and hardly have time for anything recreational. Had to turn down an offer from Mr. Choo to work on something too….orz Where’s a time machine and a reading steiner when you  need one XP

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Another Blog, Another Beginning

This will be my secondary doll blog and will be entirely in English as opposed to my main blog “まいた世界” in hope of making it more understandable for readers abroad and keeping up my English skills. There really wasn’t much of a problem with my original blog since it had occasional visitors and commentators with similar interests but the service they had there was just not up to my expectation. And thus this new blog.

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