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Group Doll Photoshoot @ Hotel Geihinkan (ホテル迎賓館)

Daughters were getting tired of having their pictures taken on my desk and so was I. Since outdoor wasn’t an option as Japan was in midst of rain season with serious mosquito infestation, an indoor photoshoot at a photo studio was exactly what me and my girls needed. When I heard that our small doll group was planning one to celebrate the coming of one of the member’s 1st daughter (Saber Alter) and saw the setup on the hotel’s homepage, there was simply no way I could miss this one out.

The Geihinkan Hotel has a couple of rental studios in their rooms and their price for a one night rent (20:00-10:00) fetches around 3-40000 yen. The studio/room we rented was a western style type that had two floors, 3-4 rooms, stair-case, chandeliers and also free lighting equipment/reflectors which I will touch up on later in the post. Wasn’t as expensive as we had 8 participants with over 20 dolls. Those participating were the usual Baradanji-san, Monokok-san, Arab-san, Yumemi-san, Last Nostalgic-san and some new faces such as Panda-damepo-san and Ento-san from twitter. This is probably my girl’s 2nd time at a photostudio but unlike last time it felt more “fun” orientated. Could be because of the rather eccentric members this time and also the fact that we were taking photos in the middle of the night XD Both were interesting to attend to nevertheless and there are always new things to learn :3 Not much Aura pics this time because she had her turn in the studio photoshoot last year and also because I forgot a couple of important accesories XP


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White Enchantress 白き魔性

Having done Sora and Xera’s bikini posts, Aura was anxious (though she never shows it) in waiting for her turn so to compensate for her patience, I got her something a bit more special than the others. All the more special because I was also fascinated by the modeling of the DD3 dynamite body and wanted as much exposure as possible :3 The bikini I got for her is what’s commonly known as a “microkini” where there are just enough clothes to cover her delicate parts. This was manufactured by a maker called Yamato – the maker of vmf50 dolls – and was sold at the Akihabara Azone for 3000 yen which considering its size is kind of rip-off imo. Hard to believe this tiny cloth costs more than my shirt…

I was planning on adding bunch of accessories like with Sora’s but felt this bikini was better off simple looking. Doll customization isn’t all about adding things. So instead of going with the heavily decorated belt from her military uniform, I just wrapped a leftover chain around her waist supporting the rapier. The choker with the cross pendant was also another simple make-do I made in my spare time. The sewing I did around the pendant ain’t pretty from close distance but it’s a small step from sticking everything with a hot glue gun I guess ;3


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Nagisa-Sora 陰乱モード

A lot of my ideas for photoshoot or doll customization are inspired from video games /anime that I’ve seen and what motivated me this time was again “Senran Kagura” – a 3DS bishoujo ninja action game with oppais and bikinis and moar oppais – which it’s second volume “Senran Kagura Burst” is expected to be out this August. This game has a lot of neat features and one notable function was one that allows you to change the character’s costumes and “examine” them in closet rooms or during battle in 3D vision. Opinions vary though depending on where you’re coming from but as an otaku, I couldn’t miss out on this ^^; Was a bit of a fail but Xera cosplayed as Yagyu a little while ago btw.

My Nagisa-Sora in this post will be imitating Ikaruga in her 陰乱モード/命駆 (Inran Mode / Inochigake) where she discards her clothes wearing only bikini (underwear?) allowing her strength stats to increase dramatically in exchange for low defense.Getting higher strength from wearing a bikini doesn’t make sense at all…but I like it…;3 Especially love how the combination of bikinis goes with swords to create a hint of nobleness instead of just plain sexiness much like the Selvaria Bles bikini version (awesome post btw) that came out recently. Some arrangements made in Sora’s bikini were partly inspired from hers. Anyways, please enjoy the pics.


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Führer Aura Redux

Well, it’s been a while now (over 3 months actually) since I last made a detailed article about Aura’s military clothing or one specifically about Aura  for that matter, so figured it’s a good time to post one. A “good time” meaning that her patience was growing super-thin ^^; Aura’s been giving me these looks like she wanted to shred me into parts so to make up for her there were quite a few additions like for example medals, aiguillette (silver chain thingy on her right chest), earrings,  belt mods, change of hair-style and epaulettes (shoulder straps) which were created from scratch. The idea was to emphasize the look of authority on her so it might seem like I’m overdoing it. Additionally, although it is kinda hard to tell from her clothing, I’ve also gotten her a DD3 Dynamite Body which will be introduced later in the post. Mild doll nudity up ahead so if you’re viewing this in the office or in public, please be warned ;3


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Bikini Xera

So I heard Volks Japan is holding yet another DD photo contest with another broad topic and are now accepting submissions. The topic this time is “Summer” implying that you can submit any kind of doll photo that has a summer-ish feeling to it, and when I meaning anything it can range anything from your usual beach shots to photos with some Japanese traditional wind-bell (風鈴 Fuurin) or maybe watermelon. Submissions are open until July 1st and all you have to do is attach photos, provide necessary information (name, member ID, category…etc) and email it here. If you get lucky they might post the winning picture at Volks Akihabara and even give you a small gift.

At this point you’re probably thinking that I’m going to be submitting some photos to this contest…..but actually I’m not (Too lazy ^^;). Well, maybe at least not these photos posted in this article as Xera’s body is a Parabox 40cm made by a different company. Really do hope that Volks will start selling MDD3 white body like they mentioned in the magazine. Know a good lot of people who’s been wanting one. Parabox whitey bodies are a good replacement for MDD white bodies and are much more flexible but it just doesn’t look as good. Anyways, on with the pictures ;3

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Xera’s Dollpa Goodies and Minor Face-up Update

While Sora and Aura have had their military clothing all buffed up with medals, ornaments and weapons, I’ve had trouble accommodating Xera with a clothing of similar style. YJA and doll events seldom had military clothing for 40 cm sized dolls and the Yagyu-ish outfit Xera tried a couple posts back didn’t quite work on Xera. Didn’t think I’d be able to find a suitable clothing like that anytime soon so during Dollpa I picked up this piece of clothing any loli-girl would look good in. Gothic lolita :3 This black gothic-lolita clothing was around 6000 yen and the overall design is quite simple compared to the ones I’ve bought before. The set came with a black one-piece dress with crosses at the end of the skirt and a choker with a cross pendant. The ribbon, knee-socks and shoes are something she had on from previous clothings.

Additionally, although hardly noticeable, I’ve added some extra blushes on her cheeks with a pastel and changed her eyes from Ronronshuka’s blue eye to a metallic one by Kurokami I had lying around. It’s a really minor adjustment but think she looks much more lively than she did before^^;


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Doll Meet at Okuni Shrine Forest, Totouichimiya Station and…

Hectic weekend was hectic. Unlike on most Saturdays and Sundays where I just dwell in my dark cave, I was out of the house most of the day meeting up with new people, visiting new places and learning new things. All were doll related and when you think about it, it really is a wonder how much impact Sora has had on my private life. Sora has been keeping to her word it seems…

Anyhow as I was saying, me and Sora was invited to this outdoor photoshoot at Okuni Shrine and Totouichimiya Station located in the suburbs of Shizuoka prefecture. Had to take a bullet train which cost me like 4-5 nendoroids and walk for an hour in the middle of nowhere but  the experience was well worth it I think. The ancient forest near the shrine and the old station was classic, isolated and made it the perfect location for doll photoshoots.

The guy that planned this photoshoot was Vincent-san, whom I know from twitter and the other members were Filia-sanHiyori-sanMaguro-sanMomo-sanMiso-san and Aero-san. Even though it was my first time meeting up with them, all were good people I’d like to meet again someday. Some dolls  that made it to this photoshoot were….umm quite the surprise ;3 There was also another place I went with Sora during the weekend but first, I’ll let you browse through the pictures I took at Shizuoka.


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眼帯少女 Eyepatch Girls

Apologies for the lack of updates lately (AGAIN). As mentioned in the last post, over the past 2 weeks I’ve been kept pretty busy with “Nagisa-Sora” and also the new “Yagyu-Xera” project. The materials around the house weren’t as abundant as I hoped it would so I also had to make occasional trips to Yuzawaya (hobby/material store) and doll shops like Azone. Most of all however, it was the increased obligations that slowed me down =P Now that I’ve graduated from college, I have to work 5 days a week in the office with very little time at home and also possibly during the weekends as well depending on how many staffs they need to get the broadcast/site going. Am also going to start working on something else on the side to broaden my career, but for now I’ll just leave it at that….

Well, now that I’m done making excuses I’ll just briefly go over the changes Sora and Xera went through. First up is Nagisa-Sora Second Edition Version 1.923. There wasn’t much I could do about the clothing itself since the original white Japanese military uniform was slightly different from Nagisa’s but I think I’ve got enough of her trait on. It was pretty cool to have someone asking me if this was a Nagisa doll on a couple of forums. Oh and btw, I want to thank everyone for participating in the vote and giving me positive feed backs about the mods so far. They really do help keep me motivated :3

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Nagisa-Sora (2nd Edition Version 1.01…) ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

While looking through the comments from the last post, I’ve noticed a fellow comrade pointing out that the white military uniform was in someways plain or over-simplified and you know…I couldn’t agree more :/ Japanese marine uniforms are supposed to look like so, however since it’s customary to add a little touch of fantasy to my girl’s costumes, I thought why not and decided to do a few touch-ups on it. Spent hours collecting illustrations of Nagisa and also this girl called Ikaruga to get a gist of their uniform then wrote a simple schematic for Sora’s new optional decorations. Although I might not know anything about sewing, having a mother who used to work as stained glass teacher at a this huge material store called Yuzawaya has helped me on a number of occasions when I sporadically wanted to make something ;3 I had just about all the materials I needed in the house save for a few ribbons.

Do apologize for the crudity of some of the modifications and also the fact that this looks nothing like Nagisa or Ikaruga. As much as I loved doing these mods, the only thing I was able to do was to create/add weird looking ornaments with a pin rather than sewing it or making additional clothes pieces. I remember spotting a knitting machine somewhere in the house so those might come later. This is a big “might” tho…;3

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Idoll 34 and Shogun Sora

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from Idoll since Home Town Dollpa was taking place on the same date and also because the location was in a much smaller building than usual. However, to our luck this event turned out to be more productive than all the Idoll we’ve attended so far. Unlike in the past, the visitors in line were directed to this warm spacious room and were handed Red Bull beverages for free which caught me and the other visitors off guard making this face ( ゚д゚ ). Must’ve been some kind of a promotion, but the administrators of Idoll should consider bringing those Red Bull people everytime from now on imo XD After all, doll events mean serious business…yeah ;3

The acquired loot was this white military uniform which according to other war-mania bloggist was once worn by captains of Japanese naval army during its empirical period. I just wrote Shogun here because it makes a better title XD A bit expensive but since Aura, her dark half, was fully equipped with her black German-ish uniform this just had to happen^^; Other loots included  ridiculously long 1/3 sized Japanese sword, 1/3 sized golden retro-binocluar, a red necktie, Azure-san’s DD photo calender and a background wallpaper for DD photography. While I did not have the chance to review all of the items I’ve listed here, I did take more detailed photos of Sora in her Japanese military uniform so do expect some of those near the latter half of this post.

The first half will be pics of dolls I took at the collection booth during my time there. Not a whole lot this time because I was either too busy chatting with other DD owners or running back and forth in the dealer’s booths ;3

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