This blog mainly focuses on Dollfie Dream (a 60cm sized doll by Volks) and I occasionally upload photos of them either posing, wearing new dress or what have you. This is my secondary blog where all posts will be in English and contain mini-stories as opposed to my Japanese blog where I simply upload photos thus the name  “Another Side, Another Story”. (Posts as of recent days are more focused in pictures though…). The name also originates from my favorite video game, “Kingdom Hearts”. The Japanese text I’ve started writing for Japanese readers are a bit modified/simplified and aren’t exactly a translation.

As for me, I’m a Japanese DD enthusiast who used to live in the states (Orlando, FL) several years ago. My hobbies vary from anime, manga, VN, illustrations, figures, dakimakuras, dolls and pretty much anything otaku. I graduated from ICU (International Christianity University) in 2012 and am now working for an IT company in Tokyo. Am bilingual so also doing some translation stuff on the side. I shoot with LUMIX GF1.

Dollfies I own are…

1.  Sora(穹)

– Base body: Akiyama Mio

– Hair color: white→gray→black

– Eye color: gray→purple→green

– Bust size: M&Dy

Note: My first dollfie dream. Her name is derived from Kasugano Sora from a VN called “Yosuga no Sora” and occasionally dresses up as one too. She used to be a tsundere but is now a dere-normal  ;3

2. Aura(アウラ)

– Base body: Akiyama Mio

– Hair color: white

– Eye color: red

– Bust size: Shapely Dy

Note: My second dollfie dream. Her name comes from the word “wind” in Latin as opposed to Sora which means “sky” in Japanese. She and Sora are twins and Aura here is the darker half. At least that’s what the setting is^^;

3. Xera (セラ)

-Base Body: Parabox 40cm

-Hair color: white

-Eye color: green→blue

-Bust size: small→large

Note: My first self-customized dollfie dream. I did the face-up, carving and the whole works back in December 2011 and is the latest addition to the family. She shares both trait of Sora and Aura so she can be both sweet and evil…a split personality kinda.

*Collage pic under preparation*

If you have any questions regarding this blog, please leave your comments here.

You can also reach me on twitter: @haku1923




5 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Chris
    October 2, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Hello I am amaze of your dollfie dream they wear beautiful clothes/dress. They are sooo cute in it. I was wonder you can help me where you get your DD clothing at because i want to get clothes for my DD too. I see one of the post you say you got it from YJA. What the key word when you search in YJA or other website you order it from.

  2. March 22, 2012 at 1:18 am

    My name is Peter. I’m from England, and I’m quite interested in starting to collect/customize these dolls. Do you have any advice/tips that you could give to me, and where would I buy such a doll to start with?
    Thank you! ^^

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