Samurai School Girl Sora

Originally, I was going to continue with Sora in her Miko outfit and get creative with it – making her pose with bows and arrows or doing some random ecchi poses – but quickly lost interest after stumbling across this beautiful figure by Max Factory. The combination of sailor uniform and a Japanese sword is very orthodox but the addition of gauntlet and belts going around her torso made it an interesting subject for the next cosplay project. The character has many names such as “Samurai”, “Samurai-ko” or “Katanako” and comes from a small niche game called “7th Dragon 2020” where she and the special organization “Murakumo” fights dragon in Tokyo. I’ve yet to play this game and have very little reference but figured I can somehow render her outfit utilizing the Volk’s Sailor Uniform set and a couple of things I had lying around the house. Had tons of belts, straps and strings leftover from the military outfit customization and doll stores were now finally all back from their New Year Holidays. This is still an ongoing project and still requires a few modification here and there -most notably the socks colored in dark red – but will show you the progress I’ve made so far :3


Samurai Sora’s front view. For portrait photos like these I’ve been shooting in 9:16 aspect ratio recently because it helps remove unnecessary background and put more focus into the individual. Which aspect ratio works best for you when you shoot doll pics?

Side view.P1170051-2

Rear view. The belt on her thighs are something I forged from Aura’s long black boots. Was a bit surprised they were detachable.P1170036-2

Haven’t completely understood how the chest plate thing works but think this is pretty close. One string goes right under her bosom and the other 2 goes up her shoulder to emphasize the shape of her oppai.

The belt that goes around her waist and crosses her shoulder is something I borrowed from Lyra’s military uniform.P1170047-2

The gauntlet on her left arm was too difficult to replicate so I substituted it with one I had lying around. I tried spray painting the thing with a black paint spray and coated it with a protective layer but started coming off when I scratched it too hard:/  It kinda gives off the “used” look and will work for now but might not be safe to keep on forever. Black because the turquoise felt a bit awkward on Sora…P1160934

This is how the gauntlet looked like before spraying. 3900 yen for a pair I think. You can find more works like these at Tiba Doll.P1160932

And if you happen to be in Japan you might also want to check this doll shop called Link Doll where they have some of these armors in store. Wouldn’t recommend it too much tho because it’s only open during the weekends and is situated in the middle of nowhere XP

Getting back to subject, attached on her thigh is a simple sheet for the sword breaker I’ve bought for Sora some time ago.

I’ve also attached a small pocket on her waist belt as depicted in the figure.

The loafer included in the Lucy set was the only thing I could find close to Katanako’s but this will do for now. Really do need the dark red socks tho.

The hilt of the sword also needs to be wrapped in red strands but think blue will suffice. The hair ornament I might keep on since it goes well together with the blue theme…hmm.

P1170061-2Can’t help but feel Sora is getting more lethal by the year…^^; I prefer this samurai one over the normal School Girl Sora I posted about 2 years ago but what say you?

17 Responses to “Samurai School Girl Sora”

  1. January 16, 2013 at 12:02 am

    wow!!! Sora is sure getting dangerous…but I love it !!! ^_^

  2. January 16, 2013 at 1:06 am

    OMG, this setting is just amazing, I really like the first 6 pictures (simulating the 7th Dragon main character). While the military uniform shows a mature side, this gives Sora a new fresh young look… (^^) The posing was also very well done, exactly like the illustration from the game.. big cheers for Sora (^_^)//

    • January 17, 2013 at 2:59 am

      Thanks Otakusan!
      Not much photos for this post but took forever to get the pose just right ^^; A lot of work went into this figure no doubt.
      If Sora had been going to school before or after serving in the military, this is probably how she would be dressed like. In a fresh white & blue school uniform but always carrying a sharp object by her side like a 風紀員 character does in anime and eroge😄

  3. 6 Yui
    January 16, 2013 at 1:18 am

    刀子さんのキャラデザインもフィギュアも気に入りました(買わなかったけど)。まさかソラちゃんのコスプレこうも似合ってます!!!! いい仕事してますね\(^▽^)/

    • January 17, 2013 at 3:09 am


  4. January 16, 2013 at 4:37 am

    Heh…Looking dangerous and fitting for casual activities. Nice idea you got there, while this gives her a more “playful” side to her. Kind of itching to try such for myself with my thoughts of my own foxy Dollfie sometimes soonish.

    Swords, school outifit, and that Haku elegance attached to your Sora = perfect combo.

    • January 18, 2013 at 2:13 am

      Thanks Arctic Kitsune^^ Sora usually likes a good balance between the casual and fantasy-ish style so Katanako was the kind of inspiration I was looking for :3 Think she’ll now be able to blend in with the settings a bit more and pose like girls should ^^;
      It’s never too late or too soon to start a dollfie of your own but wouldn’t recommend waiting too long as the price on some dolls can go up the roof… Will always be happy to help btw

  5. January 16, 2013 at 4:55 am

    Oh my! That school girl samurai look for Sora is fabulous! I love it! ♥
    The simplicity and basic colors of the sailor school uniform with those samurai accessories really mesh very well together and you have replicated the figure’s look quite well.

    Must admit that yes, it’s a style that will be more interesting for her than miko style. Looking forward to seeing more of that style for Sora. ^^

    As for photo formats when I photograph DD, I shoot in default 3:2 aspect ratio.
    (To be more detailed, my 450D’s is set for max resolution 4272×2848 in RAW format but I resize to half that in post-processing which gives me some room to crop a bit but conserve the same aspect ratio)

    • January 18, 2013 at 2:37 am

      Thanks Smithy^^
      I’ve actually had these sailor uniform (even the dark one for Aura) for quite some time but never have gotten around to dressing the daughters because of it’s simplicity/plain-ness but after seeing how Katanako was coordinated, I just had to try… Apologies about not taking the ecchi Miko pics as we’ve talked about on twitter tho ><
      With a cluttered desk like mine, 3:2 is probably not a good option^^;
      I rarely crop my photos or go back to processing old processed photos so have never given a thought about the picture quality going down but after being in the hobby for more than 2 years, I'm thinking I should start shooting in RAW ;3 JPEG works for me but I've noticed a lot of photography blogs recommend RAW.

  6. January 16, 2013 at 5:49 am

    I can’t vote since I do love both of them🙂 Amazing work Haku-kun! ^_^ Was wondering what Sora’s next project would be since she has been in that amazing military outfit for quite a bit😀. She does look quite superb as always ^_^! lots of detail for sure put into this one😀 I really like it! And who DOESN’T like samurai school girls?😛

    • January 18, 2013 at 2:44 am

      Thanks Mitsuki^^
      Sora wasn’t exactly Sora in the Racing Miku cosplay so quite a long time indeed since her last real project^^; I’m not too good at coming up with my own original design so have to thank Katanako for giving me the inspiration I needed. A samurai school girl wielding sword but with armor and whatnot to give that extra spice :3
      Glad you liked it!

  7. 16 Naito
    January 18, 2013 at 1:54 am

    She looks great in a School Girl uniform. It gives her somewhat of a mystical Ojou-sama feel. And then you slap on some armor and give her a katana. Behold: Warrior Princess Sora is unleashed.

    I like how you spent a lot of attention to details like adding in pouches, a secondary weapon on her thigh and the like. I don’t know what kind of material the gloves are made out of, but maybe you could ask around at a local hobby store if they have a good protective layer for whatever material the glove is made out of.

    And yes, keep that hair ornament in her hair. It gives a nice, distinctive look to emerald eyes. It makes them stand out a bit more to me. Also I love the frilly collar she is wearing.

    • January 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm

      May need to add some frills and decorative sewing around the uniform to give a high-class/Ojou-sama feel to it but yeah it does have the potential. Really do wish I knew how to sew stuff and make patterns instead of just putting everything together with a rough sewing and hot glue ^^;
      The glove/gauntlet is made out of aluminum and the spray I used was for metals so no idea why it’s chipping off so. Could be because of the smooth glossy surface but will try asking on my next visit :3 Staining will no doubt ruin my entire day.
      Tks~. The combination of the hair ornament and her eyes are somewhat becoming a part of her identity so I’ll keep it on I guess. Bit hard to decide whether you want to replicate the character from head to toe or add some modification of your own ;3

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