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Bikini Xera

So I heard Volks Japan is holding yet another DD photo contest with another broad topic and are now accepting submissions. The topic this time is “Summer” implying that you can submit any kind of doll photo that has a summer-ish feeling to it, and when I meaning anything it can range anything from your usual beach shots to photos with some Japanese traditional wind-bell (風鈴 Fuurin) or maybe watermelon. Submissions are open until July 1st and all you have to do is attach photos, provide necessary information (name, member ID, category…etc) and email it here. If you get lucky they might post the winning picture at Volks Akihabara and even give you a small gift.

At this point you’re probably thinking that I’m going to be submitting some photos to this contest…..but actually I’m not (Too lazy ^^;). Well, maybe at least not these photos posted in this article as Xera’s body is a Parabox 40cm made by a different company. Really do hope that Volks will start selling MDD3 white body like they mentioned in the magazine. Know a good lot of people who’s been wanting one. Parabox whitey bodies are a good replacement for MDD white bodies and are much more flexible but it just doesn’t look as good. Anyways, on with the pictures ;3

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Xera’s Dollpa Goodies and Minor Face-up Update

While Sora and Aura have had their military clothing all buffed up with medals, ornaments and weapons, I’ve had trouble accommodating Xera with a clothing of similar style. YJA and doll events seldom had military clothing for 40 cm sized dolls and the Yagyu-ish outfit Xera tried a couple posts back didn’t quite work on Xera. Didn’t think I’d be able to find a suitable clothing like that anytime soon so during Dollpa I picked up this piece of clothing any loli-girl would look good in. Gothic lolita :3 This black gothic-lolita clothing was around 6000 yen and the overall design is quite simple compared to the ones I’ve bought before. The set came with a black one-piece dress with crosses at the end of the skirt and a choker with a cross pendant. The ribbon, knee-socks and shoes are something she had on from previous clothings.

Additionally, although hardly noticeable, I’ve added some extra blushes on her cheeks with a pastel and changed her eyes from Ronronshuka’s blue eye to a metallic one by Kurokami I had lying around. It’s a really minor adjustment but think she looks much more lively than she did before^^;


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Culture Japan Night

Last Friday me and the girls (Sora and Aura) visited the Culture Japan Night (CGM Night) held in Akihabara for the first time. The event, according to its host, was meant to be an event where people from around the world who shares the same passion can get together to socialize / make new friends or display their daughters if they are a doll owner. All you basically needed this time was a twitter account and 2000 yen for the entrance fee which included a curry and free drink bar that was served inside. Not being the really outgoing/socially active type of guy, I didn’t attend the previous CJ night 2 years ago but as many of you may have witnessed, a lot has changed since then^^; Saw a lot of familiar faces in the event like users from twitter, and ended up talking with those people most of the time which kinda defeated the purpose of this event but…oh well (‘A`) Only had 2 hours total (arrived late) so my report might not be as detailed or as crisp as other attendants.

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Dollpa 27 – 有料卓

Dollpa 27 held in Tokyo Big Site came about a week after Doll Show and as usual me and the girls got together with familiar faces. Although most of us weren’t after the limited dollfies, we left the house around 5am with a carrying case and arrived at Big Site at 8am where we would wait for the next 2 hours in line for the place to open up. No idea where the name is derived from but our usual doll group is now called the “Doll☆cha” ^^; Not sure what to make of the name but I thought naming ourselves like a clan was an interesting idea. Me, Baradanji-san and Yumemi-san’s girl in the first pic here almost look as though they are a party in a fantasy game….almost ;3

Anyhow, there was a lot of interesting dolls at the display tables and have taken pictures of them so I’ll just share it with you guys here. Hope you enjoy (‘ω`)


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Doll Show 34 – 有料卓

Although Doll Show came right after Chokaigi, I heard a couple of comrades saying they were going to reserve a display table for us so figured I bring my daughters along. Not the usual members you frequently see in this blog nor did I have much to buy in this event but had an excellent time nonetheless ;3 It’s the meeting part that makes these event worthwhile. Below are a just a “couple” of pictures I took at the display table room in the second floor…(‘ω`)


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Itasha @ Nico Nico Chokaigi

For those that are not familiar with this event, “Niconico Chokaigi” is basically a huge otaku convention held in Makuhari Messe from April 28th-29th which mainly features popular contents inside Nico Nico Douga (nico nico). Such were Vocaloids, Idol M@ster, Toho, Singers, Dancers, Illustrators, Billy Herrington (Aniki) and what have you. A lot of other companies and events like Good Smile Company, Aniplex and Itasha G Festival were also invited as an exhibitor so it was a pretty chaotic event. Not as many visitors as Comiket but there were estimated to be over 92 thousand visitors in the 2 days. Didn’t have a whole lot of chance to browse around during the event since the information booth where I was stationed at was kept pretty busy so these pics were taken during the preparation hours. Nothing interesting to see here back then except these Itashas but hope you’ll enjoy them ;3


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