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Nagisa-Sora (2nd Edition Version 1.01…) ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

While looking through the comments from the last post, I’ve noticed a fellow comrade pointing out that the white military uniform was in someways plain or over-simplified and you know…I couldn’t agree more:/ Japanese marine uniforms are supposed to look like so, however since it’s customary to add a little touch of fantasy to my girl’s costumes, I thought why not and decided to do a few touch-ups on it. Spent hours collecting illustrations of Nagisa and also this girl called Ikaruga to get a gist of their uniform then wrote a simple schematic for Sora’s new optional decorations. Although I might not know anything about sewing, having a mother who used to work as stained glass teacher at a this huge material store called Yuzawaya has helped me on a number of occasions when I sporadically wanted to make something ;3 I had just about all the materials I needed in the house save for a few ribbons.

Do apologize for the crudity of some of the modifications and also the fact that this looks nothing like Nagisa or Ikaruga. As much as I loved doing these mods, the only thing I was able to do was to create/add weird looking ornaments with a pin rather than sewing it or making additional clothes pieces. I remember spotting a knitting machine somewhere in the house so those might come later. This is a big “might” tho…;3

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Idoll 34 and Shogun Sora

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from Idoll since Home Town Dollpa was taking place on the same date and also because the location was in a much smaller building than usual. However, to our luck this event turned out to be more productive than all the Idoll we’ve attended so far. Unlike in the past, the visitors in line were directed to this warm spacious room and were handed Red Bull beverages for free which caught me and the other visitors off guard making this face ( ゚д゚ ). Must’ve been some kind of a promotion, but the administrators of Idoll should consider bringing those Red Bull people everytime from now on imo😄 After all, doll events mean serious business…yeah ;3

The acquired loot was this white military uniform which according to other war-mania bloggist was once worn by captains of Japanese naval army during its empirical period. I just wrote Shogun here because it makes a better title😄 A bit expensive but since Aura, her dark half, was fully equipped with her black German-ish uniform this just had to happen^^; Other loots included  ridiculously long 1/3 sized Japanese sword, 1/3 sized golden retro-binocluar, a red necktie, Azure-san’s DD photo calender and a background wallpaper for DD photography. While I did not have the chance to review all of the items I’ve listed here, I did take more detailed photos of Sora in her Japanese military uniform so do expect some of those near the latter half of this post.

The first half will be pics of dolls I took at the collection booth during my time there. Not a whole lot this time because I was either too busy chatting with other DD owners or running back and forth in the dealer’s booths ;3

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