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Sieg Heil Führer Aura!

Sieg Heil Führer Aura! Well…maybe that’s not the right thing to say since she doesn’t have the lapel badge, aiguillette or other decoration to prove her rank in the military and most of all because this blog does NOT support Nazism. I just thought this uniform would look bad ass on Aura and fitting for her evil character setting. There were also these inspirational characters I’ve seen while I was in my hiatus like Selvaria Bles, Lertih Adolf and this DD blog that made me want my girls to wear a military uniform too. Took me a while to come to appreciate its nature but girls in military uniforms are so moe…..I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this all this time. They’ve elegance, displays power with a hint of sexiness which is what Aura’s clothes been all about.

Aura’s new military uniform (designed for L bust) here was sold during Doll Show during last month by a dealer called SEN for about 10000 yen. The product name was “German Military Uniform”, but this is obviously a Nazi uniform^^; Was a bit lazy to take pics of it while it was still in its package, but if I recall correctly, the set consisted of a hat, blazer, shirt, necktie, skirt, belt and an arm band. Wasn’t exactly the best uniform set I’ve seen so I added a couple of accessories to the bunch to make her look more presentable. The long black boots were purchased at Dollce Akihabara, the rapier+sheath was from a different dealer, the black pantyhose  from Azone, the cross pendant from Aura’s monotone gothic lolita dress and the gauntlet she has on her left arm is something which I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now^^; Might add badges in the future like the blog I mentioned above.

Something to mention about the photography this time too. Was kinda bored of taking the same old pics so I used the “silhouette” filter on my GF1 for most of the photos on this set. It’s a nice feature but kinda made it hard to see the details of the uniform. Do apologize in advance (‘A`)

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