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Aura’s New Prop and Volk’s Photo Booth

Even though the nearest doll event is more than a month away, funds are limited and space was running out so instead of bidding on bunch of clothings at YJA which easily fetches up to 20000~30000 yen I figured I just settle with some stuff sold at Volk’s for this post. Nothing special. One item I bought was a Dark Knight Earl Set (SD) and a rapier (consigned dealer’s goods) you see Aura holding in this first picture. Since Aura’s clothing have been traditionally fantasy-like or ojousama-ish (1st, 2nd3rd, and 4th clothing) I wanted to make her look like a fencer in the 17~18th century this time.

When I saw DD Miu wearing the Earl Set at Volk’s Akihabara’s show window, I knew this would be perfect for Aura’s next image. However things don’t always go the way you don’t want them too and when I got got home and tried it on she looked like a she was starting a hip pop fashion or something:/ The sleeves were 1.5 times longer than her arm was and the pants were way too baggy. 5000 yen gone to waste orz. I made a similar mistake before with a clothing that was for DOD (?) and failed miserably. Hope this will be the last^^;  Has stuff like this happened to you before?

Anyways, since the Earl Set wasn’t going to work I got Aura into her red victorian-ish dress again with her upper-wear since it was kinda getting chilly here in Japan.  Surprisingly it works quite well with the rapier I bought and makes her look like a Red Mage from FF. Well…almost ;3

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Re: Homura Magica

Hey, long time no see. I’ve been inactive in blogging lately due to doing overtime at work and taking care of our first dog in the house but have been checking up on updates in doll communities as usual., fg-site, flickr, loungelounge, twitter, Yahoo Blog Japan, are such sites that I occasionally visit and they are all a great place to get inspirations and meet new people. However, as with all other social networking service, there are always some that causes unnecessary commotions intentionally or unintentionally. One such case was with this discussion topic that asked the doll owners there “who was their LEAST favorite DDs”. Yes, one of those.

Although this topic is now closed, it stirred quite a lot of attention from the members there and in other places as well. Most of it was a negative comment shunning this person who questioned such things and to my surprise there was also a couple including the poster who supported this question by stating that they had the right to speak their mind and that it was other people’s problem if they were offended by it (ridiculous). Some also said that it was a nice opportunity to share their view towards a DD, their weak points and such as to help others improve but I doubt this is the type of conversation the poster had in mind. The latter explanation I can agree with but even still these topics are the kinds that people should refrain from asking in public. There will always be some that are uncomfortable viewing this type of conversation. IMO the topic title should’ve been something like “Which DD do you find the most difficult to handle/photograph?” or something like that at the least. Not everyone is everyone.

Now with that aside we’ll move on to the updates on Sora. She got quite a lot of views and reaction cosplaying as Homura from Puella Magi from the previous posts but what has always bugged me was her eyes. Default Mio’s eye she had on was grey with a small hint of purple that was barely visible….(‐ω‐)  The pics you’ll see below is Sorahomu with her new pairs of eyes.

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Yokohama Doll Meet and a few other things…

Met up with comrade Syaoran and Gixxer85 (Zam) from last weekend at the Yokohama Volks store. Since it’s been a good while since I last did a group photoshoot I’d planned on taking lots of photos but because the Volks store was preparing for an autumn event (can’t quite recall the name)  and that one of us came an hour late we could only use one booth for a mere 20 minutes. The outdoor photoshoot we did in Zou no hana Park shortly after was also so-so since there were people everywhere and that the the monolith illumination turned off much faster than expected. Was a great meet overall but this being the case there’s really not much photos to show. To compensate, I’ll throw in a few pics that I’ve taken in the past week^^;

A bit off topic, but I can’t believe I’ve only been able to write only 2 articles AGAIN for last month. Really do miss the days back last year when I had enough time to write 2 or 3 articles each week. These days, I simply work, eat, sleep like a machine and hardly have time for anything recreational. Had to turn down an offer from Mr. Choo to work on something too….orz Where’s a time machine and a reading steiner when you  need one XP

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