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Brief Report on Doll Show 32

Here’s a couple of photos I took in the Doll Show 32 that was taken place in Hamamatsuchou last Sunday. Pics below were taken on the display tables on the second floor where doll owners basically got together and show off their dolls. There were some doll-less people who were using it as a refueling station but I’m sure those who have been to doll events can agree with me that in such events, there’s a big difference in having and not having a place to come back and rest^^;
Didn’t take pics of the dealer’s booth upstairs because the last time (doll show 29 or something) I posted them some idiot on a certain thread was raving about the “permission to post” or whatnot when I did officially get the dealer’s consent. I have gotten a permission for (most if not all) the pictures of the participant’s dolls below but if you happen to be an owner and find any inconvenience please kindly leave your comments so that I can delete them. (もし写真掲載不都合がある場合には即刻削除しますのでご連絡ください)

Twin Maids

September is a special month for me as it marks my 1st year in DD hobby and also Sora/Aura’s birthday. (Well, technically, Aura’s birthday is in December but since they are twins I might as well celebrate them at the same time). was where it all began and I must say the 3 of us came a long way over the past 12 months. First came the clothing purchase, then indoor/outdoor photography, doll events and to my surprise a TV show. Many thanks to all who supported my daughters along the way and made all of these happen.

I remember someone referring to doll as a communication tool and now that I look back this is very true as I’ve also gotten to know a lot of people through community activities and such events. Haven’t a clue what my daughters have in store for me in the future but as long as it doesn’t have a detrimental affect on my studying/career I’ve no intention of quitting this hobby….oh wait (´・ω・`) Erm….anyways, to celebrate their birthday I bought 2 new outfits, one red and one black. The maid dresses fits their image perfectly and all I need now is somebody to teach them to be more made-like^^;

Without further ado, here are the review pics for Sora and Aura’s maid cosplay~

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