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Hentai Homura-san and Doll Meet

Half a year has passed since I got my part time job in NND and even though it’s a pain to take a hour ride on the train to commute there, it does have it’s benefits. One good thing about having your work place near Akihabara is that you can visit there during lunch hours/before or after work and never miss out on limited sales tweeted by people like Akibablog. Was helped out by his tweets on a number of occasions starting with the acquirement of the Soul Gem keyholder and guidebooks (entrance pass) for otaku related events several months back.  Another is that you can check up on the streets of Akihabara regularly for any change and the latest achievement I think was discovering 2 new doll stores in the area. Now, the bad part is that when you have some spare change in your pockets you tend to buy unnecessary things just to relieve stress from work. The spending get’s even worse after you see other DD parent’s daughters on a post like this^^; Might have to fix this habit because I’m going to be given a chance to work as a full time employee here. For real this time I think (‘A`)

The following merchandises are just one of those sporadic spending and for some of them, you might not have a clue why I purchased them. If you haven’t heard of “Hentai Homura-san”, going through a few pics here might help your understanding.

Anyways, first up is Homura’s red spectacles~

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Alluring Aura

Came across an interesting discussion in the flickr dollfie dream group where some peeps were talking about how they pose/photograph their dollfies and where they get their inspiration from. Some suggested imitating/copying other person’s works and others said to visualize the doll as if he/she was a real person. I’ve also heard of some people in the twitter doll cluster (JP) who uses women fashion magazines as a reference. Borderline-san, who takes awesome pictures was one of them but don’t quite recall the name of the magazine he mentioned back in May. Can’t really say which is the best solution but from my experience, a DD photographer who wants to start taking interesting pics should use as much as they can to get an inspiration. Fashion magazines shows you the angles and compositions professional photographers use in their photos, watching other dollfie dreamer’s photos gives you the idea how they pose their dolls and visualizing dolls as if they’d lived will increase your improvisation skills.

Things I do to get inspiration aren’t much different from the stuff I mentioned above but one recommendation I should mention is browsing illustration sites such as Pixiv. It’s completely free, updated daily and stores plethora of pics each with different pose/compositions. My iPhone stores thousands of illustrations I saved over the years so I can quickly refer to it when I’m out of ideas.

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