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Return of the White Haired Sora

Well, it’s been nearly half a year since Sora had her wig changed from her original white one to a grey one made by Yanechika and although the VN Sora I know didn’t have grey hairs, I kinda liked it. For one reason the grey made a good contrast to her white/black  gothic lolita cosplay clothing and the quality of the wig was also great. Soft, glossy, and very easy to comb. I liked it, but a part of me wanted Sora back in her white wig to make her and Aura look more identical (For those who are new to this site or my story, Aura is Sora’s evil half).

And so over the weekend, I did. Technically this is the wig Aura was wearing but I removed the twin-tail and gave it a little trim. You’ll also notice that I’ve changed her eyes from her default grey eyes to a green one since her theme color was white and green as opposed to Aura’s white and red.

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Puella Magi Aura☆Magica

I love the color red.

Besides the obvious which are, as you can probably tell from my selection in clothing (DD and human), black and white, red is the color I choose above others. Whenever I’m at a doll event or on YJA, my eyes are set to detect these colors and if they are remotely close to my taste, you can bet that thing will be gone before one can say Dollfie Dream. I don’t know why I like red and I won’t waste time pondering about that and will leave that to the color specialists or shrinks who delve into the subject and give them meanings. Awesome red is awesome period.

That being so it was only natural for Aura’s theme color to be red and me being attracted to Sakura Kyoko’s clothing from Mahoushoujo Madoka☆Magica. Several months ago I came across a clothing that was very similar to Kyoko’s outfit but back then the world had yet to know the epicness of this anime and I regretingly did not buy it when I had the chance. Fortunately though, the seller made a similar outfit again but only this time the design was far more furbished and luckily made it’s way home here.

The set of clothing arrived earlier this week and I must say the waiting and the bidding war was well worth it. Heck, I’d still would’ve paid it even if the prices went as high as dollfies themselves would have cost. It didn’t, but you can say it was close to it….(‘A`;)

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Sankeien Garden (Doll Stuff)

Being rather the introvert type, I haven’t really gotten to know my own neighborhood despite having lived here in Yokohama for almost 8 years (well technically, I was based in a school dormitory up in Tokyo for most of my time so I seldom traveled anywhere around here…). That being so I was surprised to discover that a secret garden like Sankeien (三溪園) would be just a few minutes ride from my home. The place had traditional Japanese buildings, lakes filled with carps, Budda statues, bamboos and pretty much everything a tourist will expect to see when they are visiting Japan. With all this scenery it’s also an ideal location to take your daughters for an outdoor photoshoot…but that is if you get there early enough.

When me and comrade Syaoran arrived at the park around noon, it was swarmed with visitors (mostly old people) and made photoshooting quite the challenge. Places we thought would be good were usually off limits and by the time we found a nice quiet place to take photos, we had only 30 minutes before the parks closed. So please do excuse the rather dull doll photos at the end (´∀`;A

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