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Aura’s Servant

Very late at night so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking

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Mysterious Figure 2

Untold story from the previous post.

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Outdoor Photoshoot @ Rinkou/Zouno-hana Park

The Great Touhoku Earthquake not only effected the homes in the Touhoku area but also many photoshoot locations in Yokohama as well and Rinkou Park was one of them. Because this park was built upon a reclaimed land, it suffered massive liquefaction and had been closed off for nearly 2 months. Some part of the park is still off limits to visitors and Zouno-hana, known widely among DD photographers for it’s monolith illumination, was unfortunately turned off to save electricity.Weather there was also very gusty just like last time which as you can imagine can suck when taking photos at night. And yes, there were people there too….

Twas only till later that me and Iris-san found out about all this but we went ahead and did the photoshoot anyways. It was the last day of the Golden Week after-all, and there were still plenty of spaces we could take pics of our daughters.

Only Aura this time because I needed space for the tripod and my Volks bag wouldn’t fit the two girls plus a tripod (‘A`)

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Madoka Magica Cafe & DD Miku

Good Smile Cafe holds an anime campaign every once in a while and arrange  their interior, goods and meal to the theme of the anime in topic. Previous campaigns in Good Smile cafe featured Black★Rock Shooter, Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt and its latest installation is the much controversial Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica. Although there was no rush since the campaign will continue for over 2 months, over hundred people lines up daily to get a glimpse of what was inside and things like this tells you just how much attraction this anime is getting. Most animes are forgotten shortly after it ends^^;

On thursday me, @Syaorankun, @ddotark and @fransgaard met up at Matsudo Station to see what all this was about and took a couple of pictures to share with you guys/gals here.  Was surprised tho to find out that I was the only one in the group who watched all of the episodes.

2~3 hours of waiting in line didn’t bother me much since I was a huge fan of the series but I can imagine the experience was somewhat different for those who weren’t….(・ω・;)

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Group Photoshoot @ Zephyr Studio

When I heard @border1231-san was gathering participants to go on a photo session at Zephyr studio, I knew I had to drop any sort of schedules already made and make the reservation right away. There were only seats left, and the participants were people who I’ve looked up to ever since I began dollfie photography. Cnvl-san, Azure-san and Borderline-san takes breathtaking photos with their absolutely gorgeous daughters and could be said that they were one of the reasons why I’ve started this crazy hobby of mine^^;

Although I’ve done outdoor photoshoots loads of times, one at a studio is something I’ve no experience on. Some pics of DDs taken at a studio were enough to give me the idea of what it would be like but it was only until later that I found out that taking pics there were just as hard as taking pics inside my crappy room.

Unlike with outdoor photoshoots in the daylight you had to work you way around the camera changing it’s settings to fit the scenery which was drastically different in each room. Studio A had a school life setting, Studio B western interior and Studio C had I think this rusty atmosphere to it.

Studio B

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Dollpa 25

Got back from Dollpa 25 safetly, talked with bunch of comrades from twitter, and the Yahoo blog community and had what could be the most interesting doll event that I’ve attended.I haven’t had the time to take pictures of the dealer’s booth and what they had for sale but took tons of photos in the participant’s doll display area (pay/free) which I’m sure will be worth the time looking at^^

Do mind the blurriness in some of the images as I’ve forgotten to bring a tripod with me and am not used to taking pictures of dolls at event like these ;) And yes, I made sure that I didn’t go taking pictures of other parent’s girls too much and made sure they got the attention too (´・ω・`;)

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