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Sweet Vengeance

At last, Golden Week.
It’s holiday season here in Japan starting with the Showa day, Constitutional Memorial Day, Greenery Day and Children’s Day and if you’re lucky enough you can get as long as an entire week off from work, thus it’s name (You can read more about it here).  My holiday unfortunately seems Silver rather than Gold because I have to go to work next Monday and possibly Friday meaning I’ve no time to lose.
To start my Golden Week, I took Sora out to the usual place for a short photoshoot which I’m sure you’re all familiar by now^^; She’s also wearing the same dress just like in the last post, but there’s something new about her.  Can you guess what is it? |ω・`)

Sora’s Custom Clothing

Half a year ago, Sora came to me as a plain DD Akiyama Mio with nothing but her default clothing and one of my goal, ever since her arrival, has been to replicate Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora. I started of with buying her a white wig which was one of K. Sora’s major characteristics and was quite satisfied with the result until others decided to make their own Sora doll and left me in deep envy X3 While some did poorly at this there were others who did a fantastic job at it and right then and there, I knew I had to somehow get one of Sora’s default clothing made whatever the cost.

Wouldn’t make much sense calling Sora Sora if she didn’t look like one either^^;

I initially thought his would be challenging with my lack of resources but thanks to google-sensei, a few minutes search brought me to a reputable DD dealer’s site who makes just about anything and there I placed my order for a Kasugano Sora’s gothic-lolita clothing. Although it was a hefty price to pay and a long long wait, I think it came out all right.

……actually, I think this is the best clothing Sora have ever worn (`・ω・´)

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Monochrome Aura

Having to spend half of your day outside either working or commuting on the train to get there is no fun especially when the skies are clear and cherry blossoms are blooming. The Negishi Forest Park which most of you have seen on my earlier post, was just simply flocked with sakuras and checking back on my timeline on Twitter, it seems that a group of Dollfie parents starting with Iris-san, Azure-san and cnvl-san came nearby for a photoshoot while I was away:/

Shame that sakura season passed away before I got to take more photos with my girls , but…our little yard seems to be getting more and more livelier and figured doing another outdoor photoshoot (´∀`)

It’s Aura again, but with her new dress I promised her to make up for my April Fools joke.

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Forgotten Vacant Lot

One good thing about the country side (mm…maybe something between suburban and rural?) is that there are so many nice locations to take photos. Just take a little stroll down the alley and you’d be surprised by what you can find. Last week, comrade Syaoran was able to find this nice vacant lot in his neighborhood and invited me and Aura over for some outdoor doll photoshoot~(-ω-)

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School Girl Sora

Those who have read my last post on know that I did something quite inappropriate on April Fools Day and although I don’t have the photos to explain the aftermath, I’m sure you can imagine the blood path that followed. Now that I think about it I should’ve explained to them how April Fools Day works beforehand since it was their first year here….>.>

To make up for my girls, I sought out to buy some clothes/accessories online and offline as suggested by some of my comrades^^;

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