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Belated Happy New Years

This post is kinda random and will hardly be as seasonal as some others out there but might as well make one while it still lasts – not sure when a Shogatsu/New Years Holiday ends for most people but mine ended last Wednesday (‘ω`;) Looking back, a lot has happened in the past year with me graduating from college, becoming a 社会人 [Shakaijin=member of the society] and switching jobs. Not everything went as planned due to the external forces, but all things considered I guess I should be grateful that I’m still able to continue this hobby as I’ve been for the past 2 years. Dollfie Dream is an expensive hobby as its body parts, clothing, accessories and related events can cost a bundle and even lead to other addicting hobbies like camera or traveling – both which thankfully I’m not much into…yet. The comments, favorites, retweets and reblogs were also what helped me continue this hobby so many thanks to everyone for their support. Just realized that the stats hit 100,000 (views/visitors?) over the weekend. And of course, my girls were also equally important and have to thank them for posing/being stuffed in a carriage bag hours on end. IMO, Sora was the MVP last year so I’ll be posting several pics of her in the military uniform and a few in the black & white miko outfit just for the occasion. There’s also a few photos taken at Volk’s new photobooth with comrade Jeremy at the end of the post along with other random pics.



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Sora, Xera and Aura Updates

Just another one of my short random posts where I’ll go over the minor modifications, clothes that I’ve yet to introduce and poses that I haven’t tried yet. I’ve noticed this blog has been getting a steady amount of viewers even though there are no new posts and want to apologize for those frequenters first of all. Life is anything but easy recently, sometimes working until midnight to meet the deadline and also searching for other opportunities on the side. Missed loads of doll meet that takes place at night during the weekdays and on weekdays but I guess this is part of life.
Anyhow, first up is the Nagisa-Sora outfit that’s been going under a constant modification in the last half-year or so. Not all changes were obvious but these adjustments do add up bit by bit. This time around, I’ve added an extra golden lines on the collar, chest pocket, skirt and shoes with golden ribbons that resembled the original material the seamstress used for this outfit. The uniform that Nagisa from PS02 and Ikaruga from Senran Kagura wore featured various streaks of gold throughout so I figured I increase them on Sora’s as well. Picking the right place where it wouldn’t look out-of-place was a difficult one because the original design of this uniform was very simplistic. Not much creases and folds on the clothes to work with.


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Wonder Festival 2012 Summer and DD Festival

As mentioned in the last post, me and a few other guys went to the Wonder Festival Summer 2012 held in Makuhari Messe yesterday. Wasn’t with my usual doll group but I did meet a few other doll owners I knew from twitter and such. Some were carrying dolls so they could attend the DD festival (Miss Contest & Group photoshoot) held in Akihabara Volks later in the day which I also dropped by near its end. Must’ve taken over 200-300 photos in all since this was a very special occasion but had to flick some away due to blurriness or restrictions. Still, there’s loads of images up ahead so I’ll keep my usual blabbering very brief (‘ω`)


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Xera’s Day Off セラの休日

Kinda felt like I’ve been neglecting Xera as of late – like not bringing her to the studio photoshoot, not making a post about her for over a month…etc – so figured it’s time I put the spotlight on her for a change and take her out. Looking at her wardrobes though, everything seemed a bit too stuffy and the weather we’re having here in Japan would likely give her a heat stoke if she went out ^^; Given that gothic lolita fashion or dress with good breathability are hard to come by, casual fashion seemed like a good option.  Haven’t been very partial to casual clothing due to my low coordination skills and the lack of decent clothing in the market but with some luck, I was able to come up with a new image for Xera after spending several tens of minutes rummaging through clothes at the Akihabara Azone store.

Newly bought items were the  black punk-style skirt which was 2100 yen-ish and the white blouse (?) 1500 yen-ish. The hair bow, choker, thigh socks, and shoes are something from her previous dress and the red glasses and bag you’ve seen Sora use them a while ago. Took her to Volks Yokohama for a short photo session but before we move on, here’s a few photos of Xera’s new look (‘ω`)


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Dollpa 27 – 有料卓

Dollpa 27 held in Tokyo Big Site came about a week after Doll Show and as usual me and the girls got together with familiar faces. Although most of us weren’t after the limited dollfies, we left the house around 5am with a carrying case and arrived at Big Site at 8am where we would wait for the next 2 hours in line for the place to open up. No idea where the name is derived from but our usual doll group is now called the “Doll☆cha” ^^; Not sure what to make of the name but I thought naming ourselves like a clan was an interesting idea. Me, Baradanji-san and Yumemi-san’s girl in the first pic here almost look as though they are a party in a fantasy game….almost ;3

Anyhow, there was a lot of interesting dolls at the display tables and have taken pictures of them so I’ll just share it with you guys here. Hope you enjoy (‘ω`)


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Doll Meet at Lake Suwa Hotel

As mentioned in the previous post, me and a couple of DD comrades got together to do a small doll meet at a hotel nearby Lake Suwa in Nagano last weekend. Feels like it’s been forever since I last traveled to places outside the Kanto area and of course, we had an excellent time enjoying the Onsen, eating this exquisite grand French dinner and taking photograph of our dolls in our room while drinking sake, chatting about things and whatnot. Being our first doll-vacation however, a lot of things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to, like how the schedule didn’t meet one of the participants, how the place was pouring wet when we got there and how the lake itself wasn’t much of a photo-shooting location during this season^^; So if you were expecting pictures like this, I apologize ;3 A well carried group photoshoot trip it seems is not without extensive researching and scheduling hmm.

Since it was raining/snowing outside, we basically used the room we stayed in for photoshooting, mostly on the desk and the futons. The lighting was minimal so I had to work my way around with the reflector in the other hand to get some of the shots. A reminder yet again that I need to buy one of those external flash equipment and that light bouncer-thingamajig. Kinda embarrassed by the fact that I only have GF1+ default 20mm pancake lens and haven’t studied crap about photography despite being a DD hobbyist for over a year^^; Well, on the bright side we had ample of time at our side to try out different poses, props and also exchanging clothes  unlike the short gathering at the tables of doll events :3 We were also kinda drunk at that time from the sake so some pics are NSFW (not suitable for work) XD. Anyways here are the pictures~

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Brief Update on Führer Aura

Will be heading to an Onsen hotel in Kamisuwa this coming weekend with bunch of DD comrades and since I heard the winter cold can get nasty up there, I thought I prep Aura with a jacket and few props to go with her military uniform I found at Tokyo Dolk. The jacket was a little no more than a few thousand yen, the tobacco in her hands 150 yen, and the pocket watch 1000-something yen. They were pretty nice addition to Aura as it gives her a more intimidating authoritative look but I dunno…maybe the tobacco was overdoing it ;3 I personally don’t smoke and prefer to stay away from places with smokers because it stains doll yellow with its nicotine and smell….hope you’re not one of them X3

The jacket set came with a hat but was rather flimsy and lame looking (the type that came before WWII?) so I removed its eagle badge and replaced it onto the hat Aura had before. Should make it closer to the real thing. I prefer staring at her miniskirt more so the pants that came with the set will be incorporated later in the future…or more like never :3  You may also have noticed that the bulk of her gauntlet is gone leaving only the hand part. This was because the thorns protruding from it kept making the jacket come off and really limited her poses.

Quite satisfied with the results and excited about the trip but to think that I have to carry all this plus Sora and Xera each with their own set of stands is quite discouraging^^; Hope I can get some nice pics and get back in one piece as well….

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Keyblade Master Sora Ver.2

I have to admit, the “Keyblade Master Sora” post I wrote over a year ago was a fail with a capital F. I knew something wasn’t right and couldn’t help but feel the awkwardness of the mix between the Kingdom Chain keyblade and a miko outfit as well as all the other clothes Sora has worn last year. I did best with what I had lying around the house but being an avid Kingdom Hearts fan, I didn’t want it to end it like that^^; There was this seamstress who made an authentic Sora outfit but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…what I wanted was to create my own original KH character that could or might’ve been in the game. So I lurked and lurked and lurked around YJA until I came upon this interesting looking piece.

The outfit I’ll be reviewing for this post was created by a Korean maker called DOD (Dream of Dolls) and was originally meant for DOT 64 cm boys. The price was around 10000 yen when I purchased it about half a year ago (should be cheaper now). It comes with an inner black jacket, outer gray jacket  gray pants, belt, handgloves and this arm-clinging pocket thingy that quite didn’t make its way into today’s photo session. The gray jacket, although exceptional in size,  didn’t make its way either because it kinda made her look fat :/ Took me a while to take care of the issues concerning the difference in proportion between DD and DOT (changing bust and whatnot). These adjustment I had to do was what partly caused the delay in this project. Additionally, Sora’s wig and eyes has also been changed from black eye/white wig to golden eye/silver wig for this occasion. Almost makes her look like a kin to Xehanort kinda…?

Anyhow…here’s the update on Sora’s keyblade cosplay~

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Belated Encounter

I don’t write stories on dollfies as often as I did back when I was posting on because I wanted to focus more on the quality of each pictures (posing, lighting…etc). Looking back at the past stories, I also feel embarrassed reading some of them^^;  Still, it’s nice doing them occasionally because it feels like I’m getting back to the starting point (原点回帰). Indeed, I wouldn’t have gotten far on DD photography without going through this process of thinking up of poses that’ll make doll more “lively/natural” in a way. Even if you’re not going to write a story, training yourself to create a “flow” of poses can be helpful in nurturing your improvising skill during photo sessions. Imo you’re much better off starting off with these instead of reading every inch of the manual on your camera or buying expensive camera/lens/photo developing software.

Well, anyways it was about time I brought up the story of the meeting between Sora, Aura and Xera so here they are. Was hoping for a more peaceful encounter this time but it seems it’s  customary for my girls to quarrel with their new member…(kinda like Toy Story lol).

Aura: You’re getting soft Sora. Soft and slack like Master’s belly.
Sora: ….

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Monochrome (Alluring) Xera and Volks Photobooth

All I’ve purchased for my girls in the last couple of months (or more like a year) were clothing like maid outfit and puella magi cosplay so I thought it was time I tried something more “casual” this time. Not that I have anything against it but casual clothing compared to other fantasy-ish ones often lack detail or information and there isn’t much you can get out of it in terms of photography. That might be just because of my lack of imagination and normal props though (ノД`) I look around and all I see are guns, swords, lances and keyblades…lol.

(Speaking of keyblades, have any of you played the new Kingdom Hearts game in 3DS, the “Dream Drop Distance“? Heard that this was supposed to be a sequel to Kingdom Hearts II or Re:Coded and involves Sora and Riku traveling/revisiting other worlds AGAIN while fighting this new enemy called “dream eaters”. Been a Kingdom Hearts fan for about a decade now but following these spin-off titles has been tiring since Square Enix release it in all kind of consoles. I’m also losing my patience because it’ been 7 years since they released Kingdom Hearts 2 and still no news of Kingdom Hearts 3 being developed. Really do hate that company hinting a development of a game years ahead it’s completion date and release it when I’ve lost all interest. Same could be said for the remake of FFVII and FFXIII Versus. Anyways…enough rambling…)

The new dress Xera is wearing here is called in English the “4 way school uniform-ish dress” which consists of a white one piece dress, grey cape, long pleat skirt, beret, black ribbon and knee-thigh socks. It’s monochromatic as with most clothes I buy and is reminiscent of  the uniform girls wear in a missionary school. Could probably also pass for a casual wear to go with a city background since it also features this fashionable beret too. “4 way” might be a bit of an exaggeration but as the product name suggests, the convertible dress parts allows you to enjoy several coordination patterns (some NSFW) which we will look into further in the post.

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