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Microkini Aura and Desk Update

With the summer heat kicking in and room temperature climbing up to 30-35°C day and night, daughters were in need of an even more revealing outfit and during my occasional visit to Akihabara, I came across this black microkini outfit at Volks. Much smaller than the white microkini outfit Aura had on last year and it just barely cover her important parts – which is splendid :3 While I didn’t have a whole variety of silver/black/red beads and accessories, I gathered bits and pieces I had lying around the house (volks black headphone, 3 bracelets, thigh bands, a ring (many many thanks to Otakusan), rapier belt and etc) to give her a summer look. No stains so far but probably best to remove them whenever I can as the summer heat softens the vinyl and makes it more prone to stains. My workspace also had a few minor upgrades (display cases, dry boxes, figures and etc) in the past couple of months so will go over the changes in the latter half of the post.



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Aura’s See Through Sweater (透けセーター)

The weather is really starting to warm up here in Japan and while I try to hunt down Aura’s ideal kimono, I figured I give her something more casual and revealing for the time being. She hasn’t had anything but military clothing/battle outfit for over half a year nor appeared in the blog properly for some time now. Anyhow, as the title says the latest acquirement is Crobi doll’s see-through knit sweater I picked up at Dolk Tokyo for 2000-3000 yen. It’s intentionally torn here and there to give that used look and depending on the size of the doll’s bust, the opening is wide enough to reveal one or both shoulders. The clothing pretty much fits any 1/3 scale doll and leaves enough space underneath for your doll to wear a camisole, tanktop or whatever comes to mind. Not sure if this is how see-through knit sweaters are supposed to be worn, but for Aura I chose the black bikini with choker and the checkered skirt to give it a sexy/cozy house-dress look – from skirt down her feet are bare. Hard to notice but I also slightly modified her hairstyle using the black hair clip to hang some of her hair on her ears (reference pics here).  Had I an older sister, this would be her ideal look…(‘ω`)


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DD Selvaria Bles DD セルベリア・ブレス

Been itching to make this post for weeks and months but now Aura’s Selvaria Bles DD project is finally complete. The idea has been with me ever since her twin sister, Sora began wearing the Nagisa-ish military uniform and became confident of the dealer’s ability to take on this commission after sampling one of their latest works. The cost was somewhere around 40,000 yen, almost equivalent to the price of 1 dollfie dream, but a small price to pay to have my own (or possibly the only?) DD Selvaria Bles. I’ve always loved the character from the anime and the game and felt Aura would be the perfect model. The production began late September and the clothes arrived at the beginning of this month. The boots however got delayed and took another 2 weeks, just in time for Dollpa 28. I was supposed to have much more time for this post but will publish it anyways before anyone else does (Not sure if anyone would understand but I just couldn’t bear the thought of other people uploading pics of her before me after all this wait…^^;). Will probably beef this post up later with more pics and maybe even the blue flame effects using photoshop when I have more time. Might even start creating the spear and shield of Valkyria when 3D printers become more feasible – $2000 is still a bit too much. Anyways…like I said it’s a short post but pretty much covers all the features of this costume.


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Aura’s Days Off アウラの休日

This post contain series of picture taken during Avian studio photoshoot, Volks Akihabara group photoshoot and Culture Japan Night Tokyo Summer 2012. Been meaning to make a post for each of these sets but just didn’t have time to get around to all of them. The first few pictures are the most recent ones taken at home during this weekend where I had Aura trying out her latest weaponry, Saber Extra’s Aestus Estus along with her new clothing made by Twilight Moon. Costing a bit over 18000 yen (final bid), this rather appealing clothing came with a stylish hat, hair ribbon, skirt, choker, stocking with garter-belt and parts that covered her bust and arms. In the last set, you’ll see her wearing the SD13 sized new white one piece dress by Nine9 Style I picked up at Tokyo Dollism a few weeks ago. This one included a one piece dress and a slip dress and was only 4000 yen. 2 new dresses last month for Aura alone but probably only one will become one of her default dress. And as the title suggests, Aura was my main model for rest of the photosets since the other girls had been getting all the attention in the past few posts. I basically love all my daughters but she is probably my favorite when it comes to studio photoshoots. Something about her character or atmosphere that makes the posing come to me more naturally. Anyways…loads of pictures up ahead (‘A`)


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White Enchantress 白き魔性

Having done Sora and Xera’s bikini posts, Aura was anxious (though she never shows it) in waiting for her turn so to compensate for her patience, I got her something a bit more special than the others. All the more special because I was also fascinated by the modeling of the DD3 dynamite body and wanted as much exposure as possible :3 The bikini I got for her is what’s commonly known as a “microkini” where there are just enough clothes to cover her delicate parts. This was manufactured by a maker called Yamato – the maker of vmf50 dolls – and was sold at the Akihabara Azone for 3000 yen which considering its size is kind of rip-off imo. Hard to believe this tiny cloth costs more than my shirt…

I was planning on adding bunch of accessories like with Sora’s but felt this bikini was better off simple looking. Doll customization isn’t all about adding things. So instead of going with the heavily decorated belt from her military uniform, I just wrapped a leftover chain around her waist supporting the rapier. The choker with the cross pendant was also another simple make-do I made in my spare time. The sewing I did around the pendant ain’t pretty from close distance but it’s a small step from sticking everything with a hot glue gun I guess ;3


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Führer Aura Redux

Well, it’s been a while now (over 3 months actually) since I last made a detailed article about Aura’s military clothing or one specifically about Aura  for that matter, so figured it’s a good time to post one. A “good time” meaning that her patience was growing super-thin ^^; Aura’s been giving me these looks like she wanted to shred me into parts so to make up for her there were quite a few additions like for example medals, aiguillette (silver chain thingy on her right chest), earrings,  belt mods, change of hair-style and epaulettes (shoulder straps) which were created from scratch. The idea was to emphasize the look of authority on her so it might seem like I’m overdoing it. Additionally, although it is kinda hard to tell from her clothing, I’ve also gotten her a DD3 Dynamite Body which will be introduced later in the post. Mild doll nudity up ahead so if you’re viewing this in the office or in public, please be warned ;3


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Brief Update on Führer Aura

Will be heading to an Onsen hotel in Kamisuwa this coming weekend with bunch of DD comrades and since I heard the winter cold can get nasty up there, I thought I prep Aura with a jacket and few props to go with her military uniform I found at Tokyo Dolk. The jacket was a little no more than a few thousand yen, the tobacco in her hands 150 yen, and the pocket watch 1000-something yen. They were pretty nice addition to Aura as it gives her a more intimidating authoritative look but I dunno…maybe the tobacco was overdoing it ;3 I personally don’t smoke and prefer to stay away from places with smokers because it stains doll yellow with its nicotine and smell….hope you’re not one of them X3

The jacket set came with a hat but was rather flimsy and lame looking (the type that came before WWII?) so I removed its eagle badge and replaced it onto the hat Aura had before. Should make it closer to the real thing. I prefer staring at her miniskirt more so the pants that came with the set will be incorporated later in the future…or more like never :3  You may also have noticed that the bulk of her gauntlet is gone leaving only the hand part. This was because the thorns protruding from it kept making the jacket come off and really limited her poses.

Quite satisfied with the results and excited about the trip but to think that I have to carry all this plus Sora and Xera each with their own set of stands is quite discouraging^^; Hope I can get some nice pics and get back in one piece as well….

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Sieg Heil Führer Aura!

Sieg Heil Führer Aura! Well…maybe that’s not the right thing to say since she doesn’t have the lapel badge, aiguillette or other decoration to prove her rank in the military and most of all because this blog does NOT support Nazism. I just thought this uniform would look bad ass on Aura and fitting for her evil character setting. There were also these inspirational characters I’ve seen while I was in my hiatus like Selvaria Bles, Lertih Adolf and this DD blog that made me want my girls to wear a military uniform too. Took me a while to come to appreciate its nature but girls in military uniforms are so moe…..I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this all this time. They’ve elegance, displays power with a hint of sexiness which is what Aura’s clothes been all about.

Aura’s new military uniform (designed for L bust) here was sold during Doll Show during last month by a dealer called SEN for about 10000 yen. The product name was “German Military Uniform”, but this is obviously a Nazi uniform^^; Was a bit lazy to take pics of it while it was still in its package, but if I recall correctly, the set consisted of a hat, blazer, shirt, necktie, skirt, belt and an arm band. Wasn’t exactly the best uniform set I’ve seen so I added a couple of accessories to the bunch to make her look more presentable. The long black boots were purchased at Dollce Akihabara, the rapier+sheath was from a different dealer, the black pantyhose  from Azone, the cross pendant from Aura’s monotone gothic lolita dress and the gauntlet she has on her left arm is something which I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now^^; Might add badges in the future like the blog I mentioned above.

Something to mention about the photography this time too. Was kinda bored of taking the same old pics so I used the “silhouette” filter on my GF1 for most of the photos on this set. It’s a nice feature but kinda made it hard to see the details of the uniform. Do apologize in advance (‘A`)

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Aura’s New Prop and Volk’s Photo Booth

Even though the nearest doll event is more than a month away, funds are limited and space was running out so instead of bidding on bunch of clothings at YJA which easily fetches up to 20000~30000 yen I figured I just settle with some stuff sold at Volk’s for this post. Nothing special. One item I bought was a Dark Knight Earl Set (SD) and a rapier (consigned dealer’s goods) you see Aura holding in this first picture. Since Aura’s clothing have been traditionally fantasy-like or ojousama-ish (1st, 2nd3rd, and 4th clothing) I wanted to make her look like a fencer in the 17~18th century this time.

When I saw DD Miu wearing the Earl Set at Volk’s Akihabara’s show window, I knew this would be perfect for Aura’s next image. However things don’t always go the way you don’t want them too and when I got got home and tried it on she looked like a she was starting a hip pop fashion or something :/ The sleeves were 1.5 times longer than her arm was and the pants were way too baggy. 5000 yen gone to waste orz. I made a similar mistake before with a clothing that was for DOD (?) and failed miserably. Hope this will be the last^^;  Has stuff like this happened to you before?

Anyways, since the Earl Set wasn’t going to work I got Aura into her red victorian-ish dress again with her upper-wear since it was kinda getting chilly here in Japan.  Surprisingly it works quite well with the rapier I bought and makes her look like a Red Mage from FF. Well…almost ;3

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